How to group components?


Can we group two or more components(TextField, List, Button etc.) in FactoryPMI.

Yes you can - just draw a Container (found on the Misc tab of the Component Palette) and, making sure it is still highlighted, draw other components inside it. If you do not have it highlighted you will merely place components on top of it, not inside it.

You can check that the components are grouped correctly by looking at the Project Browser and making sure the components appear as children of the Container.

Thank you Pal. Is there any other way (without using Container) ?

Not that I know of. Why do you not want to use a Container?

Actually I have seen ‘EditableTableWindow’ from FPMI goodies, which has EditableTable container. Beside this container it shows a Group sumbol and ‘This conatiner is grouped.’. This component is not allowing to add any new component into it.

This is still a standard container. To achieve this, place a number of items in the container, then highlight the container in the window, right-click and choose the ‘Group Container’ option. This locks the container so that you can move it about more easily without selecting anything inside it and displays the icon you saw. You can also ungroup it again using the right-click menu.

Thank you Pal.