How to Group in Reports

Hi All,
Now I am writing a report for my company and now having a problem with reporting plugin. Let me clear with some sample data. Let’s say I want to make a report for a classroom. In the header, I want to show the classroom data like total number of students, location, standard and in the details section, I want to show the students data like name, age, sex, etc. But the problem is I want so show the student data according to their place. Please check the attachment if you’re not clear about what I mean. Also I have two data sets in reporting plugin. One is for header and other is for details sections. Please help me. :prayer: :prayer: :prayer:
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You can use the grouping feature of a table. If you select your table in the report designer you will see Grouping under Dataset Key and Filter Expr. There is only one thing in that section, which is the name of your dataset. You can add another item in the grouping using the Keys dropdown list choosing Add… The new grouping key should be the same name as the place column in your dataset.

You will now see the place details in the table on the report. For every place the report will show the name and then all of the students that belong to that group. If you toggle selecting the place or data in the grouping you can specify a header, details and summary rows for each.

Hope this helps.

WOW… I got it… Thanks a lot…
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