How to hide a specific elements in a Linear Scale or any other Perspective 8.1.2 object


Just need a help on how to hide property if binding value is not passed and no visibility property available for elements.
e.g. In Liner scale if i have created a 4 elements, HH,HI,LO,LL and bind an indiect parameters to it. On a page equipment only have a HH,HI and other equipment has HH and LL. So if i want to hide other elemnts without overlays/error how can i do it?

On the visible property, read the tag and use the isGood expression in a transform so that each thing hides if it’s not good quality

Thanks but in Linear Scale - elements there is no visible property on individual elements.

What about the opacity?

Hi nminchin,
thanks and it works partially. I mean if tag is defined than its fine but when its not defined still it shows as overlay error unless i am doing it wrong.

As shown below image, HH ( indiactor 0) and HI ( indiactor 1) is fine as tags defined through indirect binding but for LO ( indiactor 2) and LL ( indiactor 3) not passing any value and still it shows as overlay error in runtime for indicator 2 and 3 as Bad_NotFound.


Set the value bindings to opt out of overlays

yes i tried that but that will overide all other errors too.

If you want to show other qualities, then you’ll need to read the quality of the tag with .quality, convert it to a string with toStr and compare it to ‘Bad_NotFound’. Set the value to the tag value when its not not found, and something else when it is not found as well as hiding jt, or similar