How to identify specific device

Is there a way to identify a specific device. In session props, there is device > identifier, but that really isn’t identifying the device. It’s identifying the browser via the cookies. If you use Chrome and Firefox on the same device, it shows it as two devices. And if they clear the cookies, then the id resets and everything saved for that device is no longer useable. We could also save the ip address, but that’s also not consistent since it changes too. Ideally, we would get the MAC address, but it looks like that isn’t an option. Is there any way to consistently and reliably identify a specific device?

No. Modern browsers privacy protections actively resist all such efforts. The device identifier is somewhat more reliable on the mobile apps. Not sure about Perspective Workstation.

If you need the client to probe the machine it is running on for unique information, you need to use Vision.

If you do figure out a solution to reliably identify a device through the browser without any assistance or cooperation from the end user, marketing companies around the world will pay you big bucks. Along with numerous nation-states’ security bureaus. And nefarious actors of all kinds.

This really is a big deal, and any ‘solution’ will be short-lived.


… without any assistance or cooperation from the end user, …

Is there a way to change the settings on the workstation where it would allow it?

The mac address would also bypass vpns…
I think you will find yourself with a bullet in the head soon.