How to implement "Momentary Button" function in Perspective View

In Vison there is “Momentary Button” to easily achieve Pulse output command to PLC, but move to Perspective View, I can find same function accordingly, can someone advise?

Momentary buttons in any SCADA platform are general a bad idea, as any comms dropout will result in the bit staying high. These should be converted to auto-resetting bits in the PLC.

If you still want to go this route, or have your hands tied, then you can always just use a Script to write the value to on, then use invokeLater with a delay time to write the tag back off.


tagPath = 'tag/path'
system.tag.writeBlocking([tagPath], [1])
def turnOff():
	system.tag.writeBlocking([tagPath], [0])
system.util.invokeLate(turnOff, 2500)

Of course, you could also create this as a template View to use everywhere

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I suspect IA hasn’t implemented it because they can’t make browsers behave well enough for it to be reliable. Vision’s Momentary Button is not reliable by itself. Search this forum for stuck momentary button for a variety of discussions on the topic and the fundamental problems behind it.