How to import a .tif?

In an effort to use a nice high resolution .tif image for our main HMI screen we found that the image management tool does not support a .tif file format. Additionally, one can’t drag a .tif onto a window in the designer like you can a SVG.
Ignition Tech Support told me that it would be possible to use “Java Advanced Imaging API”, which I am happy to use.
In a similar manner I have previously I used the “Extension Functions” section of a “Component Scripting” window to get under the hood of ignition. I imported classes from the JFreeChart library, and had those scripts in the method titled “ConfigureChart”, which is inside the “Extension Functions” section of a component scripting window.
See screenshot below.

My question is this: when I asked ignition tech support where to add this new custom method I was about to write, he did not know and told me he couldn’t help. Where can I add this new extension function I am about to write to once again get under the hood of ignition?

Is there any reason you can’t just convert the .tif to a .png and use the .png? GIMP is free.

One thing to watch for is that .tif files can include multiple pages - if you don’t want to handle that, conversion to other formats may be the way to go. Of course, conversion of a .tif can create multiple files, if you are going to a single page/image file format.

Thanks for your responses. I was under the impression that we couldn’t convert to a .png. But I was mistaken, and that is what we ended up doing. Thanks for your input.