How to import JAR files?


I have a requirement where I need to refer classes defined in a JAR file. So, Is there anyway to refer JAR files or Java Class files in FactoryPMI.

Thanks in advance

For what purpose? In general, the answer is not really, because you have to have the jar files delivered to the Client/Designer in order to reference them. This is what “Plugins” are - jar files packaged up in such a way that they get distributed to the Client when it launches. End-users cannot create Plugins, because they must be cryptographically signed with our private key in order for Java Web Start to allow them.

As a side note, this is not the case in Ignition, where the notion of “Plugins” is now “Modules”, and we do have plans to let end-users create them. In this case, the signing problem is relieved through Ignition’s new bootstrap launcher.

Thank you for your quick reply Carl.

We want to get some data from SAP in FactoryPMI. We have an option of using SAP Java Connector (JCo) which is a JAR file. As you explained we can’t import JAR in FactoryPMI, Is there any other way to resolve this problem.

Thanks in advance

Typically communication between a product like SAP and FactoryPMI would be done by having both products share a connection to a common database and pass data through that database.

Ignition offers much more flexibility for custom, direct data connections (like this SAP JCo) with its Module API, making it easy for us or for you to wrap up the JCo into an Ignition module.

We are also planning to upgrade to Ignition. Is this wrapping facility and building of a module available in current version of Ignition?

This same facility can also be used for protecting our IP of a customized and generic application that we have built over the inductive platform. We will then be able to protect all the business logic related to our app and just supply the customer with the wrapped module and not all the code behind it.

We haven’t released the API publicly, although we could wrap up the connector in a module for you. Register here to be notified when the API is ready to be released.

I understand what you’re getting at, but I’m not sure that the Module API actually will achieve this for you. Depends on what IP you’re talking about.