How to increase production minute by minute?

Good afternoon, I am a beginner at Ignition and I would like to know if it is possible to create a graph increasing the actual production and the ideal production minute by minute. I work in an aluminum packaging factory and the production is around 1500 cans per minute and the ideal production is around 1600. I would like to create a graph increasing minute by minute both the ideal production and the actual production. I know it is possible to do this using the MES Analysis Controller component, as in the following example. but i would like to do it using any other resource, but i exhausted my attempts.
Exemple used on MES Analysis Controller:

This is the scripting used on MES Analysis Controller Component:

dataset = event.source.ignitionDataset
production = 0
target = 0
newDataSet = []
headers = ["Time", "Ideal Production", "Actual Production"]
for row in range(dataset.rowCount):
	date = dataset.getValueAt(row, 0)
	target = target + event.source.LineRate
	production = production + dataset.getValueAt(row, 1)
	newRow = [date, target, production]
event.source.LiveAnalysisData = system.dataset.toDataSet(headers, newDataSet)

I would like to know if it is possible to obtain this same chart using a different way of doing this.

Thank you Very Much

You can as well plot the production tag value as a trend using the chart component. Ideal target value can perhaps be a computed value or a predefined array.