How to Inherit resources from multiple projects


I set up several projects in one gateway each dedicates to one customer. Also, I have one global project as my Library, and all projects use it for symbols and graphics.
Also, each project has its own user source and real-time tag provider as well.

At the same time, I create an admin project for headquarter and this project should include all other project screens, so user can navigate between them easily. Somehow the screen merges together via the GIS system. But for the moment each project can only inherit from one project so I stuck to access all of them. I wonder if is there any trick to do this or any plan to support multi-project inheritance?

Thanks for any help or advice.

You cannot do this as drawn. There is no multiple inheritance (water under the bridge).

You will need two "admin" projects, and move graphics from the current leaf projects:

  • Create an inheritable "admin" base project with all projects' graphics. Possibly in the Library project, but I'd make it separate, inheriting the Library. Organize per-project resources into folders for convenience.

  • Restructure the leaf projects to only have the unique nav elements they need.

  • Create a non-inheritable admin leaf project with the nav and resource switching for admin-only functions and nav for all of the other leaf projects.

So technically it is even impossible to have inheritance from multiple projects? Is there any hope to have this in future?

I understand that there was some debate within IA pre-v8 whether to do multi-level single inheritance or single-level multiple inheritance. Doing both was too hard. If they'd asked me, I'd have strongly recommended single-level multiple inheritance. But they didn't ask. :frowning_face:

Don't hold your breath waiting for this.

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