How to integrate Handheld Scanners in Perspective Ignition

Hi I want to intergrate a Handheld scanner in Ignition Perspective V8.1.25. I know that we can use the camera option from Ignition mobile by using the Barcode feature in events. But I want to use a handheld barcode scanner. I someone worked on it, can you guys help me out?

We use CipherLabs RS35 handheld barcode scanners which comes with pre-loaded software to manage the built-in barcode scanning engine. Using that, you setup the scanner to output the scan as key events and use the Perspective barcode scanner input component using either a regex or prefix/suffix combination to capture scans.

Thanks for the info! can you send me an example or screenshots if possible.

On the RS35, the app is called ReaderConfig (which is specific to the RS35, not any handheld) where you select a Configuration, multiple configs can be saved, but I just use the Default profile it comes with. Select the Default profile then select Scanner Preferences then Data Output then set the default mode to KeyEvent. Inside this configuration you can add prefix and suffix characters, enable/disable barcode types, etc.

On the Ignition side, you just place a barcode scanner input component on the view. From there you either set the prefix and suffix props, or the regular expression field to match a certain pattern.



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