How to keep more wrapper log files?

I have an issue that seems to keep interrupting an Ignition server we have. We have a redundant Ignition pair (8.1.26) points to a SQL Listener node which behind it has two SQL Clusters that they fail over and patch, and on two occasions now this has caused issues, first with Ignition losing and being unable to re-establish connection to the database, and this time the entire Ignition server went down which is very unexpected. I just give this context in case anyone else has a similar setup and has also had issues. Probably will need a post of it's own once I do catch logs of what happened.

IT at the customer restarted the Ignition service on the primary/backup and by the time I got into to work, there were so many other related errors after the restart, I couldn't see what happened at the time of the unexpected Ignition server shut down this morning.

How can I change the number of wrapper.log.x files are kept before pruning? They're going to be patching again in the near future and I want to be sure I am able to catch what is going wrong as apparently Ignition is their only application suffering any consequences from this setup.

wrapper.logfile.maxfiles in ignition.conf

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Thank you Kevin