How to launch a screen on to the URL

I was exploring ignition , i wanted to know is there anyway you we can launch the project or even a single screen just by giving a URL at any network? IF yes, please guided me thru.

Perspective pages are web pages. So yes, within a modern web browser, a single URL can open a Perspective client window. Ignition used to make heavy use of Java WebStart, which could launch a local Vision client from a URL, but WebStart is no longer delivered with Java.

I strongly recommend Inductive University (free!) if you are new to Ignition.

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As @pturmel has already said, Perspective is built around using modern browsers to navigate and interact with Ignition projects. For Perspective projects, you can navigate directly to any configured page within your project by supplying that page’s url to your browser. As far as any network, there are firewall and security considerations to take into account, but you can configure your gateway to be as open as necessary.

That’s wonderful! Since I was using ignition 7.9.10 never got into perspective pages. As i see the wide options on 8.0.2 this should make things better. Thanks for the your support @pturmel and @cmallonee