How to limit ignition easy chart realtime range

Hi All,

Is there a way to limit user input when an easy chart is in real time mode? If I have 12 hours selected and then switch to days in the drop down the client locks up and must be shutdown and restarted.




You should contact support and have them take a look.

Hmmm. I may have to add such a feature to my EasyNoteChart.

What’s your tag history resolution mode? Fixed mode as below would limit the amount of data regardless of span.

I have thought it’d be handy if when switching to larger units (like hours to days) it would round up to the nearest larger unit. So 30 min to hours would be 1 hour instead of 30 hours, etc.

You shouldn’t get a client lockup. 12 days worth of data should be well within the means.

Yes, I can pull up 120 days of data (also on v8.0.15) like this in a couple seconds on consumer PC hardware for servers and clients:

The data is pulled from a server on another site, however the chart resolution mode is fixed so the same number of points are loaded regardless of the time span.