How to link radio button

Hi, I create a custom property on a perspective page. I need to have two radio buttons linked inside. This mean when the page start the custom property is going to take the default value of the radio button, when I change the position of the radio button the custom property should change value. This is an on/off radio button.

  • Custom property: Create a binding to whatever parameter determines the radio button selection. It should have a value 0, 1, 2, etc., depending how many buttons you have.
  • props.index: Create a property binding on props.index and point it to your custom property. Make it bidirectional.

No it's not.
It's a radio button group which enables selection of one of a number of options. The options may be called "On" and "Off" but that doesn't make it an on/off button.

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that works, Thanks

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If you want an on\off button, there are options: A toggle switch for example. Or maybe a multistate button.

I think in the context it makes sense to be a radio. It's essentially off/on, but each state has a unique description

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