How to link Sysmac Omron to Ignition without PLC?

Hello everyone,

For a project, I am using Omron PLC and Sysmac software. I do not have access to the PLC right now and I am doing simulation only. I was wondering if it is possible to connect Sysmac and all tags to Ignition without PLC? The model I am using for the PLC is NX1P2.

I followed the video below to make this connection using NJ drive:

I put the same IP address on both Ignition and Sysmac.

However, the status of the connection is changing between ReconnectWait and Reconnecting.

Ignition cannot do this. Sysmac Studio and Ignition are both clients that need to talk to a real PLC.

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Thank you very much, Phil. Appreciate it!

If you can wait a few months, my above statement may no longer be true…



I found another PLC and I was able to connect to that. I have the connection solid and I can see all the tags I published in Ignition.

However, I am not able to write into the tag. They all are boolean but when I try to change them I get the error (Error writing to value.value: Bad)


Any suggestion of how this can be fixed? Thank you!

Are the tags set to ‘Publish Only’ in the PLC?


Yes, they all are.
I actually removed the connection. Created the tags again and made the connection and it worked! I guess it needed a reboot!
Thank you, Jordan!

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Been a while since I’ve played with this driver, but I do seem to remember disabling / re-enabling the device to get it to go after modifying the tag list.

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