How to Lock Images & Pipes Converted to Drawing when viewing Webview?

How do I lock all my images on a view so that when I launch a session with the WebView and try to resize the screen they all resize together? My issue is, my pipe drawings are moving when resizing the WebView. See images, first image is in Designer, second image is the WebView after launching a session.

Ensure your coordinate container has a fixed aspect ratio defined.


My pipes are still off set

SOLVED - Thanks PGriffith !!!


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Firstly, Paul should get the solution, not you.
Secondly, you misinterpreted what he meant. He meant you can use percent, but you need to also set a fixed aspect ratio. E.g. if your View (not WebView) is 1920x1080, then you would set your aspect ratio to 1920:1080. Using a fixed mode will mean your View won't scale at all to different sized screens