How to make a shortcut for Ignition Vision 7.5.5?

Not really Ignition 7.9 but this tag was the closest.

Have an old project thats running Ignition 7.5.5. Need to make a new shortcut for the client after some IP changes broke the old one. I notice the splash page is different without that option there like it was in 7.9

How can I make a shortcut for a vision application for 7.5.5?

It may have been Java WebStart launching the JNLP that managed/created the shortcuts back then. I can’t remember :grimacing:

Ok. One thing I noticed - in the shortcut properties, there is an IP address at one point. I tried changing that, but when I click the shortcut, the vision application is still looking for a gateway with the old IP address that I changed. I assume due to some cache. Not sure how to fix that.

That’s really all I need to do. I already have a shortcut, but the IP of the gateway has changed and so must the vision launching part.

I thought just making a new shortcut would be easier until I saw the Ignition version number :upside_down_face:

Blow up all the caches in the user dir and dig around in the gateway settings to see if there is some equivalent of today’s Public HTTP Addresses setting? Or hope somebody with a better memory comes along :slight_smile:

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If this is Windows, look for the ‘Java Control Panel’ and blow out that cache, too; Webstart/JNLP files were cached in some odd way there (attached to the JRE) so you’ll want to make sure that’s empty too.

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Deleting the /java/development/cache/6.0 folder that was referenced in the shortcut’s properties (Think that was the directory, no longer remotely connected) was enough to make the application try downloading from the new IP address I had modified in the properties. It works now.

To any other people out there facing this, deleting the cache is what worked for me.