How to make a table with custom colors for each row (changed dynamically)


I’m trying to display several properties of a tag (that I added trough the right-click +“edit tags” in 'UDT Definitions"), but wether I’m using a simple Table or an AlarmStatusTable, I can’t find a way to do so.

When using the simle Table, sources on the internet (such as this one : Color formating in a table based on value contained ) tell me to right-click my table to access a “column configuration window”. However, when I right-click on my table (wether it’s in the project browser or in the viewport), I don’t get such an option !

When using an AlarmStatusTable, the table recognizes and displays the tags that I set up as alarms (with the little bell thing in the tag browser), but whatever properties I have added myself in this tag are not available in the parameter, so I can’t choose to display them in my table.

If someone knew a simple way to change a row’s color depending on the content of one of it’s column that would be great thanks.

Are you using Perspective? The post you linked is referring to Vision, but it sounds more like you’re using Perspective, which would explain why things don’t work the same.