How to make 'Acknowledge All' button

How do you make a custom 'acknowledge all' button? I'm sure there is a bunch of behind the scenes commands for alarm handling but I can't find anything obvious in the vision property editor

My best guess is something like system.alarm.acknowledge([*], '')

Also is there a way to prevent repeated instances of alarms from getting combined in the alarm history? If something triggers 4 times then I want to see those 4 instances separately even after its cleared and acknowledged


This is how i've done it in the past:

stringlist = []
list = system.alarm.queryStatus(state=["ActiveUnacked", "ClearUnacked"])

for id in list:
system.alarm.acknowledge(stringlist,'', "admin")
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It throws an error because it doesn't expect the 3rd argument in system.alarm.acknowledge() but otherwise perfect, thank you!

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I ran mine gateway scoped, if you are doing it from the client then no third argument.

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Golfed a little bit (and avoiding use of the builtin function names id and list):

ids = [str( for event in system.alarm.queryStatus(state=["ActiveUnacked", "ClearUnacked"])]
system.alarm.acknowledge(ids,'', "admin")