How to make dataset connected to the table component

How will the table display all the rows and columns as in dataset?
Is that possible to do with the query binding the table and does it require script transform, if it's so then what can be done..
Errors in table props:

You can see from the binding popup that there's an error in the evaluation of that binding.
Since there's only a query, and it's a configuration error, I suspect that either the named query path or the parameter path is wrong.
Make sure those are the proper paths/names.

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Thank you, I got the solution by your guidance.

@Chowmya_C can you check your parameter direction? If it is only input or output please select both Input/Output (for bidirectional).

For more details, I see the below screenshot.


Why do you think it should be bidirectional ?

Since I've 10 TESTERNAMES how can I add them to the named query so that it will reflect in my table.

If that named query is used elsewhere, don't change it or you'll break things.
Make a new named query, that's just like this one, but with the appropriate filter (that's the WHERE clause).
We don't know anything about your tables and the data that's in there, so we can't do much more than that.

Also, it's basic SQL, you can find a thousand tutorials on google on how to filter data from a table.

Thanks, I've got the answer.

This :point_down:is DB's start time and end time
whereas in table component why its automatically changing like this :point_down:, is there any way to change this as same as in DB?

Check the columns property in the table's doc:

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Thank you!
That's helpful.

Is it possible to change the filter table part into dropdown option in table component


Is it possible to change the filter table part into dropdown option in table component?

No. It is a text search only.
You can, of course, create a dropdown filter outside of the table and feed the dropdown selection into your query.

Will that dropdown be able to pick and show in its options -as things from one of the columns in table.
And on selecting one of the option will that sort out in table as well?

Think about it. If you first populate the dropdown from the table and then select an item from the dropdown and feed the result into the table binding query then the dropdown options list could only have one item after it updates based on the new table contents.

Create a new named query to populate the dropdown options.