How to make Radio Button event fire when view loads / onStart?

I have a few Radio Buttons with script code in the onActionPerformed event.

The onActionPerformed code updates the view’s UI based on which Radio Button is selected

The problem I have is. . . when the view first loads the UI is NOT updated against the selected Radio Button.

Is there a way to force the Radio Group’s onActionPerformed event to fire directly after the view loads?

In my opinion, you should bind the UI things you want to change, to a tag. the radio button effects that tag. Thus the last thing selected will work as a default for that said property etc… onaction wont happen without action. so if it aint pressed it won’t work. or you could change the way it triggers.

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I like the idea of using a tag but. Trying to visualize how this will work and . . . it seems I would need to have a separate tag for every PC? Otherwise, with a single tag, the moment two PCs access the same view the UI logic would break. The UI would reflect the radio button that was last clicked, even if it was clicked on another PC if that makes sense.

Perhaps the ‘tag suggestion’ is to actually have a separate tag for every PC? Does this sound right?

Well what do you want to change on the UI via this button? i.e. colors, font etc…?

Text and values in UI change based on which radio button is selected :slightly_smiling_face:

Are these dynamic thing static as in they never change? Or are they things which change based on other things?

It’s all dynamic, the UI is updated based on a (radio button) selected by the user. The radio buttons allow the user to select which record (record from database) to populate the UI with