How to make tag history binding dynamic?

I have a dropdown for Press Selection and an TimeSeries Chart. I am binding the TimeSeriesChart series data as Tag History Binding. I want the binding to be dynamic based on the press selection in the dropdown.
How can I make it work ?

Hope the below link helps.,Using%20Dynamic%20Tag%20Paths,-Tag%20History%20bindings

Thanks, I read that but I am unable to understand how I can make it work based on the press selection that I am doing in the dropdown.

In the manual they lay out the shape that an object needs to take in order to be used as an expression for the tag history binding. Once you have created a custom property with this shape, you can then use traditional bindings to dynamically modify the tag path, aggregate, or alias as needed for your application.

with respect to dropdown selection, you need to pass the tagpath as value and bind that tagpath to path.