How to make the scroll bar smaller?

Hey Everyone,

How do you make the scroll bar smaller? Currently, I am using a template repeater, though I have seen this issue with other components. When I look at the scroll bar in developer, it is normal size. However, when I open the project, it blows up to an abnormal size. Does anyone know how to fix this?


this is vision im guessing?

will be something similar like this then, find the panel and apply some new style to it

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@victordcq Yes, vision. Sorry I didn’t put that in the original post. Thanks for the solution, I will try that out.

no idea why it appears bigger though, might be worth finding that out first xd

So I can’t even try your script because I don’t know what to attached the script to…as I don’t have any event handlers like in your example. No idea why it gets bigger, because its normal size inside developer. I will continue looking for an answer. Here it is normal size inside developer:

Not sure why developer displays a different setting than the client… but I found the fix! You have to edit scrollbar width under project properties:

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