How to make vision text boxes / drop down selectors be hidden unless a previous step has a value input

I have a form that I am getting users to input data into - There are some options that would not need to be shown on the screen unless a value or selction is made on another data box on the same form.

I want to know how to I make a drop down or a text box toggle between visible and invisible based on the no selection label being something other than std - triggering a new part of the form to become visible.

I am using Vision

I recommend binding to the dropdown’s selectedIndex property. It will be -1 when nothing is selected. (An expression binding on the visible property of the target field.)

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That worked perfect - However…(theres always a however!) I have now bound the Visible property value to the drop down selected index & this is -1 when there is nothing selected … but this makes the object invisible when there is a selection and visible when the value is -1 ( is there a way I can reverse the behaviour of the visible property?

Use an expression binding, not a simple property binding. In the expression, use the != comparison.

Note: if you use a simple property binding from a number to a boolean, zero yields false, and non-zero yields true. If you tested further, you would have found that selecting beyond the first row would also have made your field visible.

All records in my drop down =0 except for the non selected value this is -1
my drop down is linked to a SQL table to show the data.

I’m not too sure how to write the expression you mentioned… I keep getting an error message

Use selectedIndex, not selectedValue.

{Root} != -1