How to move an image or any object along the X axis?

good night

My name is Felipe and I’m doing an application of a palletizer for pallets of cans and I was thinking of making an animation for the pallet to move along the X axis and when it reaches the end of the section disappear, I used the function system.gui .transform () but to no avail. A priori I would like to know if it is possible to make an image move along the X axis, if it is not possible I would like it to be a Rectangle object. Below is the Palletizer template and some pallets. I would like only one pallet to move along the X axis but I don’t know if it is possible.
the idea is that when the running tag of the palletizer was equal to 1, the pallet would start to move and when it reached a certain path it would disappear.

Thank you.