How to move Fields on a form?

I have a main windows with a form object. I just want to be able to move a field anywhere on the form?
I know it something easy I must be missing? See image below
I just want to be able to move a textbox anywhere on form??

Thank you

Well, my first though is that the components are grouped. You can either ungroup them (via the ‘Component’ menu) or double-clicking on a group will give you access to components within the group.

Hi there,

It looks like you are using a Database-Backed User Input Form.

If you haven’t already you might want to check out the videos that are linked on that blog post.

Each form component consists of a container that has components within it. If you want to move a form component (such as a Form Text Field), then click or select the form component container and press the arrow keys on your keyboard or press and hold down the Alt key and click on the form component container and drag it.

You can also move components within form component containers by clicking on them with the mouse and dragging them.

Understand that the database-backed form components are functionality built with Ignition’s builtin components.


If you look at the picture above. When a record is clicked it will populate my text boxes with the data from the database.

They are not grouped. I tried using alt and moving it… it will only move side to side about 2 inches.

If its a regular text box I can move it all around the form. Its only when its a Form Text Field.

I even tried to use a regular text field and create custom property ( Column) to try and pass the database value to it but that would not work either. So I am stuck using form fields to view data that I can not move to where ever I want.

Also if anyone has any idea instead of a table I want to use a combo box. I know how to populate the combo box with my data… but when a record in the combo box is selected I want it to populate my fields on my form??

Thank yall in advance

The Form Text Field is a regular Container component. All the Form Components are regular Containers with components inside them.

It sounds like you clicked on the text field inside the Container instead of actually selecting the Container. You need to have the Container selected in order to move the Container with Alt click and dragging the mouse.

You can also move the components in the Container farther by making the Container component larger.