How to open a popup in a "Configure OnClick Script"

I have been trying to open a error popup when the result returns the value "none".
The error that I am currently facing is :
"AttributeError: 'com.inductiveautomation.ignition.designer.gui.tool' object has no attribute 'perspective' "
Am i doing the script wrong? I have also posted the working of the script through script console.

  1. Popups may not be opened from the Designer.
  2. system.perspective.openPopup("SomeViewPath",) is not going to work because you have an extra comma in there.
  3. The documentation specifies that the first positional argument will be used as the ID of the Popup, so even after removing the extra comma your argument will be used as the id argument.

Assuming Tank Loading/Popup100 is the actual path to a View resource named Popup100, you should use in an actual session.

system.perspective.openPopup(id="SomeUniqueValue", view="Tank Loading/Popup100")