How to open a popup windows in a modal-style?

how to open a popup windows in a modal-style ?

You can’t create a true modal-style popup window where you can’t select anything else until the window is closed. However, you can set the layer of the window to a higher number which forces it to stay on top of any other window.

Here’s a topic that covers this and keeps background controls from being “usable”


In the event handler for the window, go to internalFrameActivate and enter the following:

from java.awt import Color

Then add an opaque container in the style of a popup to that window.
The user won’t be able to move it around without you adding some script to capture the mouse movements/coordinates, but it should achieve your main goal.

where is the internalFrameActivate in ignition ?

Select the window in the Project Browser and press Ctrl-J.

The shortcut Travis mentioned (Cntl-J) is the shortcut for Component->Event Handlers in the menu, which also gets you there when you have a window selected.