How to open a window from a template object using scripting

I am trying to open a window when i click on a Label object in my template. My template has a string parameter for path_location and for window_name. I type these in to the template object when I drop it on the screen. That is all fine. My problem is trying to use scripting to create the window name string value in my code. I am very new to python and passing in data so i’m sure it is probably something simple. Want something like this:

********This is the line i don’t know how to create
window_string = [color=#BF0000]template.path_location[/color] + “/” + template.window_name

window = system.nav.openWindow(window_string)

I’m not sure how to get the path_location string value inserted into the above section. Does it have to be an indirect path? Is there some python object that grabs the template name? … not sure

Thanks in advance for any help.

Figured it out.

value = event.source.parent.unit_screen_name
window = system.nav.openWindow(value)

Figured it was easy enough.