How to open perspective project on other devices connected in the same network/ remote gateway is not working but pinging?

I have ignition perspective project running in the main PC.
now I want to run same project on other pc/laptop.
I have tried adding outgoing connection but it says it is faulted.
I can ping all of the remote devices but I can not add into connections. I have local gateway as and one of the remote gateway is
( I am not using SSL connection)

please suggest what is wrong here?


Do you want to run a client connected to the original gateway? Or are you trying to duplicate the gateway into another? Please explain the architecture you are trying to achieve.

I have client running on the original machine.
I want to duplicate gateway into multiple pc and also run the same client there

  1. Take a gateway backup on the original.

  2. Install Ignition on another machine

  3. Restore gateway backup into new machine.

  4. Repeat 2 & 3 for more installations.

Are you sure you want to duplicate the gateway?
You dont have to do that for other clients to be able to use the project.

They should be able to browser to the gateway.
You could install an app (which is just a browser) for it too though

Remote gateway is not connecting to the local host.

This works.

I could open the project on the different PC.
However, changes are not syncing on another PC.
what is the solution for this?

You have independent gateways, based on your request. They don't sync.

If you want a single application for the site that all clients use, you would use a single gateway. Point just the browsers (or Perspective Workstation) on the other client machines at the one gateway. The one gateway would make all device and database connections.

If you really do need separate gateways (for whatever reason), and you want to share projects, you will need to use the Enterprise Administration module to move resources around.