How to Open System Log file?

Hi All,

I just want to know how to open the exported system logs file (IDB File Type).

I tried to open it using SQLite but no luck. It says could not open database file.


SQLite3 ?

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Hi pturmel,

Thanks for your reply.

I tried SQLite and SQLite Studio but it doesn’t recognize .idb as a file.

It says the file is not a database.

I pointed to SQLite3 because the version likely matters. Did you try SQLite version 3 ?

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I’m using SQLite Version 3.12.2
and SQLiteStudio 3.3.3.

Are you sure the file downloaded completely from the gateway? IIRC, a truncated file won’t open.


Hi PTurmel,

Thanks again for your reply.

Is there a proper way to open it? Like change the file type to .sqlite?

On SQLiteStudio(3.3.3) > Add Database (Ctrl+O) > Database Type SQLite 3 Selected. > Browse IDB File from ignition gateway system logs (can’t able to browse since sqlite only supports .db , .sdb, .sqllite.

I also tried to change the file type so it can browse and select it but still no luck.

SQLiteStudio worked just fine for me:

You can choose ‘All Files’ in the file chooser to bypass the simple check for ‘known’ SQLite formats:

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Opening using sqlite3 system_logs.idb seems to also work okay too if you’re on Linux…

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Hi All,

Thanks PGriffith, PTurmel, and KCollins1 for your inputs.

The exported .idb file from Ignition Gateway doesn’t work. What I did was I went to the Ignition folder and get a copy of the system_logs.idb and it works. I’m not sure why does the exported file from Gateway doesn’t work.

Anyway, Thanks a lot!

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Had same issue - thanks for the suggestion!