How to pass Tag Value to Another Tags Numeric Property inside a UDT

I have a UDT that grabs information from the PLC (i.e. Tag Description, Tag EngUnits) and would like to pass that information to another tag’s Numeric Properties and Meta Data Properties inside the same UDT.

Is that possible.

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Did you ever find a solution to this?
I have a very similar need to read numeric properties and Meta Data properties of a tag.

No, I never got a reply.

I’m looking into system.tag.getConfiguration
and system.tag.configure but still investigating
Documentation doesn’t list all the things I’m interested in reading/changing.

It looks like it isn’t possible to dynamically configure member tags in a UDT like this (I could be wrong, but that’s what it looks like). That’s likely due to limitations with how ‘dynamic’ we can truly make a tag.

For your question, @martinel3746, if you want to read any arbitrary property of a tag, you can just add the property to the tagpath in your read call, eg:

Right click → Copy Path should give you the ‘scripting friendly’ name to use for the given property.

Thanks @PGriffith.
Works with 8.x readBlocking as well.

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Ignition 8.1.3
I have noticed a bothersome inconsistency.
When you right-click and select “Copy Path” the address uses dot notation for the tag attributes.
For example:


But, when you use system.tag.browse() those attributes use / instead of dot notation.
For example

:[{u’fullPath’: [default]2W/2W_Conveyer/Station1/Fault/EngUnit, …}]

It’s messy determining when to replace the last “/” with a “.” in order to read tose tag values.

I’m using a Vision tagBrowseTree and when the user selects a tag, showing them the values of the selected tag in a Vision PowerTable.