How to pass value from Database (SQLite) to Internal Memory Tags

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Could you please help me how to pass the values from database table column values to Memory tags ?

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Why a memory tag, instead of a query tag?

As I understood Query tag read from the database, I want to pass some data from the table on particular events if that I can achieve with Memory tag, that would be helpful for me.

Do you want to pass the entire table’s dataset to a memory tag of type dataset, or individual cells to individual tags?

Individual tags to Individual Memory Tags.

Tags to tags? I thought you were going table data to tags? If the latter, which columns and rows need to go to tags, all, albeit one at a time? Or just selected rows etc?

Table data
Example : If there is a table having 3 rows and 3 columns,
I want to pass first row first column table value from Database to Memory Tag (Float)

Consider transaction groups.

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A query tag that writes to a memory tag in its tag change event seems pretty easy.

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Thank you so much @Kevin.Herron
This way is very simple thanks for the reply with an great Idea