How to pass value from dropdown list to template repeater

I have a template where the background changes color based on the user. I have a window with a template repeater using that template. The window has a dropdown list of users and I am trying to pass in the value of the dropdown list into the template repeater. I can’t figure out how to do it

Create a template parameter on the template. This will show up like a property on the template instance in the window. You can bind this property to the selected value of the dropdown.

I have the template repeater set to Dataset and I have added another column for the second parameter in my template. How would I access a value from the dropdown if its on the same window? So the path to the window component of the dropdown is Main/Overview/Root Container/Dropdown. What would I put in the dataset to access that value of the dropdown?

I think you could use a cell update binding (or several).

I would use a client tag for this if feasible. The dropdown writes to the client tag, then the template reads that directly. Of course, if you’re using this in multiple instances of template repeaters and with other independent dropdowns, this won’t work

I know in Perspective you can definitely do that and its straight forward but not sure this would work for me in vision

Worked perfect thanks!

Can you suggest me way to do the same thing with multiple instance of template repeater? if any