How to preload views

I am creating a dynamic carousel and the views being called in the carousels have 6 embedded view in them which makes the page heavy.

I wanted to know if their was a way for me to pre-load these views so it would not take so long to load when viewing those views in the browser

What version of Ignition are you using?
If lazyLoad is set to true, then only one View will load when the component starts up.
If you’re using autoPlay to cycle through the views in the carousel, then even with lazyLoad active the component will still load the views when the component starts. One thing you could try is leaving autoPlay off, then switching that property to true after the page has loaded.

One setup I have for something similar is a Gateway Timer script which broadcasts a “start” message. I have a boolean property on my Carousel and when the carousel hears the message it toggles the custom property to true. When it hears the message a second time, the carousel then toggles autoplay. This prevents instances where the carousel might hear the message immediately.