How to prevent Ignition server restart/crash

I’m currently getting server restarts/crashes on Ignition with these messages in my logs. I’m not sure what this is related to - I would assume that Ignition’s server cannot be online indefinitely and may need to restart periodically. If this is the case, how may I go about setting this automatically? If this is not the case, where do my problems lie?

This is generally not true - but none of the images you’ve posted give any context to why the service shut down; all the messages listed are from a normal service startup. To get actual context on why the service went down, go to the Ignition installation directory and look in the logs folder for a wrapper.log file. Either post or upload that entire file (or, if you’re not comfortable posting it publicly, send it in to so we can take a look at it.

I’ve sent an email to Ignition support with my wrapper logs.