How to prevent resolution loss when using icons in Ignition?

Good morning, is there any way for Ignition to support icons without losing resolution? I'm using .svg icons but when I open the project on a 14'' resolution, they lose their resolution.

Is there any recommendation on how I could make the project not pixelate?

I don't think those are 'icons' provided in Ignition. What is the file type of them? I would first recommend converting or making them as svg files if you are going to be lots of scaling. They are a vector image then and should scale better.

Doesn't necessarily help since you've got it built now, but I typically build my screen layouts for the smallest screen (my perspective strategy is a bit different).

Also, what version of Ignition is this? I think there were some issues with SVGs from image management not scaling correctly that are resolved in later versions.

Thank you for your response. I appreciate your recommendation to use SVG files for scalable images. In fact, I have already been using SVG files for the icons in my project.

I also agree that designing screen layouts for the smallest screen size first is a good practice, as it ensures that the layout is responsive and adaptable to different screen sizes.

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we are working with version 8.1.22 I understand that the latest version is .26, I guess I would have to wait for a new update to correct this scaling problem.

thanks for your response