How to Print a Report From Client

I'm using ignition 7.9.19 with the goal of using a single button press to print a report from a client window.
I've realized the function executes on the gateway, this wont work for me.
I've tried using system.print.createPrintJob but it looks like it only accepts components, and when printing a report viewer or pdf viewer it includes the extra controls or borders of the component, rather than just the report. I'm printing on a small label so the space this uses makes this solution unsatisfactory.
I've tried combining and system.file.writeFile to either an image or a pdf. I was able to import the image as a component and print that but it introduced some unsatisfactory quality issues I haven't been able to resolve. I haven't found a way to import a pdf directly as a component or print a file from the hard drive.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions and support

You should be albe to go this route:

event.source.parent.getComponent('Report Viewer').print()

This method only prints a small clipped portion of the report for me, even when printing to pdf. Does the .print() accept any arguments?
asdf.pdf - Foxit Reader - image

I'd also like to avoid a print dialogue if possible, which seems possible using other methods

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If it truncates like that, it may be a margin setting in the report.

Indeed it was the margin settings. It's printing out how I'd hope for now! Thanks!

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Updating this as I've ran into a new question / problem in my development.
Some more context, I want to allow users to select multiple rows from a table and print off a report using data from each row. I'm using a for loop and have tried a couple methods of passing in the data, but using the reportViewer doesn't seem to work fast enough as I get multiple copies of the same data (either the data from the last print attempt or the first row of the table.

How can I print the byte array returned from