How to print the content of a flex repeater

I have a view in Perspective that is intended to be “printer-friendly”. The main component in the view is a flex repeater.

The problem I am dealing with is that when I try to print the view in a browser, the print job that’s generated is only 1 page long, and it only shows the first couple rows of the flex repeater’s content.
I believe that the browser is seeing the flex repeater as just a scrollable sub-window on the page, rather than as the actual content that is supposed to be printed.

How can I fix this? I already tried setting the “overflow” properties to “visible” but that didn’t solve it.

Before printing, try changing your overflow style property to visible. This would remove the scroll bar.

I did that already - the “overflow”, “overflowX” and “overflowY” style properties are all set to visible.