How to produce StringField Wide and MultiLine?

I would like to create a field like for the project description.

If I use setWide() or setMultiLine(), it’s ok separately, but I can’t have both ? Only wide is ok whatever the set order.

public static final StringField BlockDefaultMessage = new StringField(META, "BlockDefaultMessage",SFieldFlags.SDESCRIPTIVE);


BlockDefaultMessage.setDefault("bla bla").setWide().setMultiLine();

When you have a StringField, we’re going to render that in RecordEditForm using one of two Wicket components.
If you use setMultiLine(), you’re opting in to the ‘text area’ editor, which is hardcoded to 4 rows x 45 cols.
If you use setWide(), you’re just calling setWidth(55) - but doing that will only affect anything if you are using the ‘default’ single-line text editing component.

So I would just use setMultiLine.

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