How to programatically create alarm notification URL for acknowledging

We need to programatically create alarm notification URLs like:

without using the notification block in the alarm pipeline but using scripting because we need to send programatically several emails to several recipients with a complex workflow involving waiting, resending, stepping to the next recipient etc. etc.
The string in the URL doesn't look like a base64 of something or a hash, is it possible to generate it?
Thank you

Looks like base64. Probably encodes both the alarm UUID and the person to whom it is sent. Try playing around with that.

It is not base64, I tried both the part before and after the minus symbol but gibberish is returned in both cases.

I would expect you to get binary. You'll have to interpret it.

The IDs are randomly generated.

You would probably need to create your own module with its own email notification and callback management system.