How to purge the MySQL General Log file?

The MySQL general log has grown to 325 GB. I’m not going to read it all so I’d like to get my disk back.

What’s the procedure for this? I presume that I’ll have to at least stop the MySQL service. Do I need to stop Ignition as well or can I leave it running (while I stop MySQL) and avail of Store and Forward to avoid missing any records?

Many thanks.

From what i read, you would first need to turn the general log off then truncate the log. I haven’t actually done this before, so take it with a grain of salt.

I used instructions from 5 MySQL Database Logs to Keep an Eye On - Coralogix.
From the Windows CMD prompt change to the MySQL program folder. Type
mysql -u root -p and enter the password when prompted.
At the mysql prompt type
mysql>SET GLOBAL general_log = ‘OFF’;
This seems to have stopped the logger and deleted the file.

You probably don’t want to turn it completely off. That makes future troubleshooting difficult. Can MySQL not do its own log rotation?