How to query a dataset from inputted text field

Hello all,

I understand if this is a redundant issue but I have local sign in system with an ignition project. Person setup the names in a data set(400+) names and they are looking to have a manual sign in feature. So, looking for a script that would take the value(alphanumeric characters) entered in the text field and query the data set if it is there. I feel like there are simple functions to this but still a little new to scripting. Looking for any type of direction please

What’s the reason for using an alternative login scheme? There are many reasons why you should use the built-in functionality, if only for future maintenance by other engineers and out-of-the-box integration with the auditing system.

To do what you’re asking though, use the expression function lookup

They currently use a badge scanner that works just fine however it was brought up that should the scanner fail, there would be no way to sign in. Scanner is very reliable but valid point so just answering the call. I appreciate the help. I will try using that function