How to read memory register from a PLC?

Hi guys,

Does anyone have an idea on how to read the memory register of an PLC?

There is a special program that can export these registers?

I want to create these register in Ignition after.

Thank you in advance!

The amount of information you provided is overwhelming…:wink:

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I asked in general.

The is the possibility to export the I/O registers from PLC with a special software?

Not from Ignition.
If there is some software, then it would be from the manufacturer of the PLC.
Generally, all programming software for the PLC support some kind of export to the .csv and/or .xls.
But that’s it. From there you are on your own.
In Ignition you can import .csv files for creating tags with the help of the scripting…

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Thanks for explanations!

He (zxcslo) was absolutely correct, your query is not specific enough. Ignition contains drivers for many sorts of communication- especially PLCs- yet without knowing the following you have asked something that is far too general. Here is what some folks might ask:
"PLC Manufacturer, for example Rockwell Automation PLC Model Series eg. 1756 PLC CPU P/N
Version of Ignition eg. 7.9.12 or 8.0.3? This can be huge- Module(s) installed for Communications
PC Operating System, long numeric name (Win 10 is NOT a long numeric name)
Other PC factors ( Is the O.S. running in a virtual environment, eg. VMWare )
(eg. is short for example given, just as YMMV is short for Your Mileage May Vary)
By default, some types of communications should work ( OPC-UA Standards ) if the appropriate modules are in place along with your queries which must be entered- generally as tags. Some PLCs have registers which can only be accessed with software proprietary ( protected by some type of copyright/patent/secret/etc. ) to the maker. So the answer of “It Depends” is not just about sanitary products… it applies here. In general, Ignition communicates well with most PLCs which correspond to the communications standards supported. Yet certain makers have registers which are difficult to read without their customer-only documentation. For now, that may be the best answer. You need to be more specific, as he said.

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After a bit of further study, here are a few good manual references: ( Ignition 8 User Manual )
To get to the Manuals Section:
Then select Manuals ( Ignition 8 Manual should come up by Default , select other version if needed )
At the search prompt within: Creating Tags ( OPC Tags Topic ) see last item Topic Within: Addressing Bits

OPC UA - Ignition User Manual 8.0 - Ignition Documentation ( Modules Required depending… )
See also the Quick Start Guide

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Thanks for the feedback.