How to read String value from MITSUBISHI tag/register

Hi Team,

I have connected Mitsubishi driver with one of the machine.
I am loading CSV file in Ignition and I am able read values.
But one tag I am not able read correct tag value which is configured in PLC.
All integer value I am getting but string not able to get.
Please find below screenshots by PLC side.

In Ignition Tag section , tag value is coming numerical. How to set this to string.

Thank you

According to the manual:

Specifying D6850 yields the signed 16-bit value, which your tag is configured to then store as a string. You need D<string7>6850 to pick up the null-terminated string starting at offset 6850.

Sorry, do we need to do this settings in Ignition tag properties or also in PLC side.

On both sides. The protocol doesn't have any data types other than the defaults, so both sides have to agree to treat those registers as character data. The PLC appears to be treating three consecutive registers as six characters (but not null terminated), so that part is good.

Any other multi-word use of registers similarly has to agree on both sides.

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Thank you, its working. I got the solution.