How to reference main window from docked window in expression?

I am having difficulty referencing the current window in an expression. I have a docked window open and a main window. On the docked window I have a component I’m trying to write an expression with that references what current window is open for the main window. Any ideas?

basically i’m looking to do an if expression
if main window is this selected tab will be this for a tab strip

I’ve tried this but doesn’t seem to do it {[System]Client/User/CurrentWindow.Name}

any ideas is appreciated. Thanks.



Here is my code
if({[client]activeWindow.Value}=“Overview Screen”,{Root Container.Tab Strip.selectedTab}=“Overview Screen”,{Root Container.Tab Strip.selectedTab}={[client]activeWindow.Value})

still not working but the logic of it makes sense to me. Any suggestions. basically when the screen loads at login i want the tab strip navigation to be on the correct tab for the overview screen

I don’t think you need an expression at all. (Also, expressions can’t do assignment like that - as the name implies, they can only return a value).

Just binding the selected tab property of your tab strip to [System]Client/User/CurrentWindow, as you described in your first post, should work.

Try adding an expression binding on your tab strip’s “Selected Tab”
if({[client]activeWindow.Value} = “your window”, “otherwindow”)
this is simplified from what you want but i think will work.

This was the solution. Sorry so focused on assigning a value missed the simple solution. Thanks

Thanks the solution was just using the property tab going system>client>user>currentWindow