How to refresh Column Selector Panel Customizer data?

Inductive Automation Team,

We had Column Selector in our window whose Data_in dataset will be changed depending on two Radio Buttons (Dataset 1, Dataset 2) selection. There are few columns which are common to both the datasets. There is another table in the window whose data mapped to Data_out of Column selector.

Lets an example, we selected Dataset 1 and unchecked some of the columns available which will reflect to table data. After that, we selected Dataset 2 and the columns selected in Column Selector is little different. Sometimes few columns will be in deselected mode, sometimes in selected mode.

How to refresh Column Selector Panel Customizer data? Our idea is to make sure all columns are in selected mode during change. Let us know if the example is not clear.

What version of Ignition are you running. I tried to mock this up here and am not seeing the same behavior as you are. When ever I switch data in using the radio buttons the data out switches and all columns are selected by default.