How to reinitialize the log for DEBUG?

We have many of these clogging up the Status | Diagnostics | Log.

[tag-group-default_default] Failed to add 1 items to the subscription- error codes were returned from the OPC server. To see the codes, change the log level to debug and re-initialize the items.

I can see how to change the log level to DEBUG. How do I re-initialize the items?

Many thanks.

Click the “gear” icon shown there. Find the COMSubscription logger (using the search box). Change it to DEBUG. Restart the OPC devices involved (edit and save). Or restart the OPC Server itself.

Hi, Phil.

I’ve filtered on COMSubscription and changed it to DEBUG.
I don’t know which OPC device might be causing the error. I have 68 PLCs on connected to the server! Have you any suggestions on how to narrow down the offending device?

What does

[tag-group-default_default] Data change event received by subscription after 1500 ms. 
Values: [[[10, 0.02794850431382656/Good, Mon Feb 28 13:59:29 GMT 2022, 0]]]

tell me?

Thanks again.

The log entries for devices are usually accompanied by attributes that identify the source. Do you not have that?

I don’t see anything else.

Figure 2. Hitting Expand All Details reveals nothing but thin air.