How to remove a variable from the database

I had a variable which history, this variable was removed from the history and the variable was removed.
The problem is that I don’t know how to delete it from the database (only that variable). The reason is that it keeps appearing in “POWERCHART”

Is there any ignition program that can see all the variables in the database and delete just one without the database getting corrupted?

Delete the corresponding entries (there may be multiple) from sqlth_te. Make sure you match up the IDs if you have multiple gateways connected to the same database.

If you’re not comfortable with that, I would recommend getting in contact with support.

Dear, I’m new to this and I don’t understand how to do it, do you have a graphic help?

Something like this, though may differ depending on what database you are using. You want to be sure you have the right tag ID as PGriffith mentioned. My screen shot is through MS Server Management Studio, though you could run the query through ignition aswell.

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