How to remove binding from a JSON file in Vision


I made a mistake when binding a component’s property using an expression and I think I created an infinite loop. Now Designer has become sluggish and I cannot go to the component to remove the binding. I tried force closing Designer, but every time I open it up, it slows down to a point where I can’t navigate to the component.

I was reading the forums and someone suggested removing the binding from the JSON file. I’m having a hard time finding the correct file to edit. My component is under the Main Windows-User Management.

This is the test project for Ignition certification, but I am not asking for help with test. I just want to remove the binding so I can continue.

I found this file, but it doesn’t seem to contain any binding information.
“C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\data\projects\IgnitionCoreTroubleshooting\\windows\Main Windows\User Management\resource.json”

You can’t manually edit Vision windows in this way. Manually editing resources is possible for resources that are saved in plain text formats (such as Perspective Views or project scripts). The actual data for a Vision window is contained in the data.bin file in the same directory. The resource.json is just a meta file used by Ignition to keep track of information about the resource.

If you really want to keep the window, and not start from scratch, you can try shift -> right clicking the window - there will be a ‘Copy XML to Clipboard’ option at the bottom. That XML is plain text (though not particularly human friendly) and you could theoretically remove a binding manually that way. When you’re done working on the XML in a text editor, shift -> right click again and ‘set XML from clipboard’.

Be warned that doing this to your windows is undocumented, unsupported, and there’s a high likelihood you’ll end up with a totally unusable window. Starting over from scratch may be the easier solution.


Thank you for the quick response. It was easier to delete the windows and start from scratch.

There should be a “safe” option for opening projects that prevents any expressions or binding from executing when the designer is open.